About Sooze

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Sooze. Well, formally it’s Suzannah, but to date only my late grandmother and my mum (when I was headed for a spanking), have ever referred to me as that. These days, nana’s passing and spankings well behind me, I am a constant Sooze.


Life in general

I can usually be located in Highbury, North London with my husband, Dan, but 2 months ago we quit our respective jobs, took a hammer to the piggy bank and headed out to Barbados for a 6 month winter sabbatical. This wasn’t quite as dramatic as it sounds and here’s a snapshot of life leading up to it…

In 2005, I left my small hometown village of Barton, Lancashire and with just the clothes on my back I marched forth towards the dazzling lights of London town, in search of streets paved with gold. Upon arrival I soon learned that the yellowy sheen was in fact not gold, but that having some to hand would certainly ease the cost of living there. Sans gold, I set about making some money.

I spent the next few years working hard and (unfortunately for my liver and bank account) playing much harder.

The work side of life saw stints at several big media companies including three years at The Guardian, where I was fortunate enough to bear witness to its once print-only focus shift towards developing its award-winning site. I went on to work alongside an all star cast at Bebo, helping forward the sites development, before finally being approached by The iPlatform (Facebook’s first UK developer), which I went on to operate on behalf of its two directors until its acquisition in 2012.

The acquisition was great news for the company, but it did pose the question: what next?


And now?

So after much deliberation on our next steps in life, I find myself sweating out this question in the Caribbean.

I have a passion for communication of all types. My career has involved constructing online communities, predominantly in social media, helping create engaging content for companies ranging from ftse100 brands to smaller, and more niche companies.

I have a passion for writing and I am carving out a career in blogging, kick-started by my blog NOTEsfrom1310 (listed in the top navigation bar). This was initially composed to keep the folks back home up-to-date with our ventures, but ended up fanning the flames of my passion. I guest blog with the aim of being able to eventually make a few bucks from blogging.

I also have a blog dedicated to recipes devised on the island, found on the top navigation bar under Desert Island Whisks.

I love cooking and am passionate about only using fresh produce local to the island, which given that it produces relatively little of its own, is no easy task. I decided that as my current situation saw me foraging on an island, that the blog would play homage to Desert Island Discs. With each recipe, there is not only a wine paired with the food, but also a song chosen by a guest on Desert Island Discs. I’m sure Radio 4 are kicking themselves for missing out on that one…


Secretly I want to become a

Voiceover artist.

A bit random, I hear you cry, but I have actually had already a couple of VO gigs. In fairness, these were for companies in which I was already in some form of employment with, but I have also been asked by those willing to pay. Sadly, at the time it wasn’t something that I took seriously and therefore didn’t act upon it, an action outcome I now regret. I was also bullied a fair bit in school for ‘sounding like a man’ (bet you want to hear a snippet now!), so have never really understood the love affair people have had with my voice. It’s husky, I am now told, which is definitely a little more flattering. As regrets are of no use to me, I have decided to pursue various avenues to the airwaves and if I’m not selling cat food to you over the wireless by the end of the year, more fool me.

The ultimate goal of goals would be to star as a character in the Archers, a classic that I used to listen to whilst baking with my mum.


Other passions       

I love animals and volunteer at the Hope animal sanctuary in Barbados. I help feed and clean out the animals, and give them some much needed loving. Alongside this I am also rebuilding their website in time for their Christmas fundraiser and help build their Facebook community.


So there you have it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and at the very least a decent tan.

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